The New World School of Violin Making



WJFW: New World School of Violin Making allows local craftsman to pass on his passion

PRESQUE ISLE – The art of violin making dates back hundreds of years, and Brian Derber is carrying on the tradition. He wanted to go into furniture making, but fell into instrument design after taking a class in college. In 1999, he opened The New World School of Violin Making. It’s the only violin-making school in Wisconsin.

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WXPR Interview: Making Violins the Way They Did in Mozart’s Time

Mar 24, 2015

School Overview

DSC_0048School Official: Brian T. Derber, Owner/Instructor
Program Length: 3 – 3 1/2 years contingent on completing requirements
Construction Requirements: A minimum of 6 instruments is required to graduate from the program: the first 3 are violins, the 4th is a viola, and the student has the option to choose from a violin, viola, or cello for the remaining two instruments.
Daily Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Clock Hours per Semester: 560
Total Clock Hours for the Program: 3360 (six semesters) to 3920 (seven semesters)
Tuition: $2860 each semester.